• Pancake Load Cell

    Pancake Load Cell

    Rudrra Sensor is one of the largest and trusted manufacturer and supplier of a complete range of Pancake Load Cell in India. Made from high quality steel, this product RSL 203 is widely appreciated in the market for their unique performance. Our engineers create them for rugged application and long term high stability. These are specially developed to monitor forces in compression and tension at high accuracy. Welded stainless constructed; this product is applied in various weighing devices. They are ideally suitable for load measurement and dynamic force because of their high frequency response function. Our load cells are also can be customized along with standard format according the need of application.

    With our innovative creativity our customer always likes us and our products. We regular update our knowledge and technology to beat the competitors and provide products as latest trends and requirement and this factor aid us to become favorite among the buyers. These pancake load cells are available in different capacities and voltages to fulfill different measurement and testing need.

  • Applications

    • Anchor Force Measurement
    • Calibration of Load Cell and Force Sensor
    • Calibration of Universal Testing Machine
    • Compressive Force Measurement & Testing
    • Hopper, Tank, Silo Weighing
    • Hydraulic Press Testing
    • Automation Equipments
  • Diagram

    Pancake Load Cell - Diagram


    Pancake Load Cell - Dimentions

    CAP D D1 d M H H1
    200kg to 5000kg 105 90 6.2*8 M16*1.5 32 36
    10000kg&15000kg 115 90 10.2*8 M30*2 40 42
    20T to 30T 155 125 16.5*8 M39*2 50 52
    50T 205 165 16.5*8 M48*2 60 65
    100T 280 222 20.5*8 M72*2 90 95
  • Features

    • IP-67 protection
    • Light weight and easy to install
    • Can be customized dimensionally
    • Dual bridge configuration
  • Dimenstions

    Related Load (Ton) 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 100
    PrecisionC2 Insulation Resistance(MΩ)≥5000(100VDC)
    Composition Error± 0.03 Excitation Voltage (V)9~12 (DC)
    Rated Output (mv/v)2 ± 0.008 Compensated temp. Range (°C)-10~+40
    Non-Linearity (%FS)0.017 Use Temp. Range (°C)-20~+55
    Hysteresis (%FS)0.02 Temp. Effect on Zero (%FS/10°C)0.05
    Repeatability (%FS)0.01 Temp. Effect on Span (%FS/10°C)0.03
    Creep (%FS/30min)0.03 Safe Overload (%FS)150
    Zero Balance (%FS)± 1 Ultimate Overload (%FS)200
    Input Resistance (Ω)750 ± 10 Defend GradeIP66
    Output Resistance (Ω)700 ± 5 Cable6mm, 10mtr