• Button Type Load Cell

    Rudrra Sensor has the unrivaled experience and expertise in manufacturing Button Type Load Cell. It is equipped with a number of performance-enhancing technologies. Designed using the most advanced equipments; the load cell has the quality to be a paradigm for the industry.

    It has been made to be ideal for external microcontroller amplifier. The premium load cell exporter and supplier ensures the product has the unmatched design, construction and the ability to stand out under any extreme competition.

    Designed by the most skilled engineers, it is capable of fitting into any industrial needs. It comes in two prominent models such as, RSL 616 and RSL 616M. Both the models are packed with a number of excellent features.

    Numerous Quality tests are conducted to ensure the products are superior and have enough elegance to leave a lasting impression on the global market.

    It is the robust performance that makes it such a fabulous tool used in various applications.