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    In order to remain in sync with the fast-evolving demand of innovative machineries that can bring about revolutionary change in the industry, Rudrra Sensor manufactures, supplies and exports the extra-ordinary models of Single Shear Beam Load Cell (RSL 803).

    Te RSL 803 model has been constructed with the use of high grade stainless steel materials. The load cell has been hermetically sealed by welding-- IP67 and IP68.

    It boasts of tensile strength and is extremely abrasion resistant. It has been designed to work under any trying conditions and is fully capable of providing superior output.

    Being supremely strong, the machine is widely used in a number of weighing applications. The advanced shear beam load cell comes in a variety of different sizes and capacities. Prepared with a view to yielding best result, it is unbeatable based on the commendable performance and unsurpassed quality.

  • Applications

    • Truck scale
    • Vehicle scale
    • Hopper weighing
    • Tank weighing
  • Diagram

    Single Shear Beam Load Cell - Diagram


    Single Shear Beam Load Cell - Dimentions

    Rated Load (t) A B C D E M d2 d1
    0.5-2 130 31.8 15.8 25.4 76.2 M12*1.75 19.8 13.5
    3T, 5T 171.5 38.1 19.8 38.1 95.3 M18*1.5 19.5 13.51
    10T 225.5 50.8 25.3 50.8 124 M24*2 27 27
  • Features

    • Extremely abrasion resistant
    • Many different sizes and capacities
    • Hermetically sealed by welding to IP67 and IP68
    • Designed to work under any trying conditions
    • Supremely strong constructions
  • Dimenstions:

    Related Load (kg.) 100, 200, 300, 500, 750, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T, 10T
    Precision C3 Insulation Resistance(M Ω) ≥5000(100VDC)
    Composition Error ± 0.02 Excitation Voltage (V)9~12 (DC)
    Rated Output (mv/v) 3 ± 0.002 Compensated temp. Range (°C)-10~+40
    Non-Linearity (%FS)0.03 / 0.017 Use Temp. Range (°C) -20~+55
    Hysteresis (%FS)0.03 / 0.02 Temp. Effect on Zero (%FS/10°C)0.019
    Repeatability (%FS)0.01 Temp. Effect on Span (%FS/10°C)0.011
    Creep (%FS/30min)0.016 Safe Overload (%FS)120
    Zero Balance (%FS)± 1 Ultimate Overload (%FS)150
    Input Resistance (Ω)350 ± 5 Defend GradeIP68
    Output Resistance (Ω) 350 ± 3 Cable4mm, 3mtr