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    Rotogravure Load Cell

    Rotogravure Load Cell (RS-L) is widely used in various printing applications. With the advanced design and superior features, it immensely increases productivity in the graphic as well as printing machineries. As the noted manufacturer, supplier and exporter of RS-L model, Rudrra Sensor aims at producing the highly functional technology that plays a vital role in providing maximum output.

    The versatile rotogravure load cell has been fabricated with high grade stainless steel materials. It is shock proof and remained protected even under extreme conditions. The ability to thrive in testing situations makes it stand out.

    The clamp allows it to be mounted with ease. It has been created for accurate web tension measuring. The most comprehensive capacity range offers just the luxury any client would want to handpick the best option out of many available. The customized solutions are always on offer to ensure the invaluable customers have the best satisfaction.

  • Applications

    • Printing machineries
    • Graphics machineries
    • Weight tension measuring
  • Dimentions


  • Features

    • Fabricated with high grade stainless steel materials
    • Shock proof
    • Highly functional technology
    • Accurate web tension measuring
  • Dimenstions

    Type   RS Accuracy class  0,5%F.S
    Capacity (Emax)   25,50,100 Kg Minimum dead load  0% R.O
    Rated output R.O  2,0 mV/V Zero balance  1 %R.O
    Temperature effect on zero  < 0,014%R.O/5°C Temperature effect on output  < 0,010%R.O/5°C
    Compensated temperature range  -10 /+40 °C Temperature range safe  -30 /+70 °C
    Maximum safe central overload  150 %R.O Ultimate central overload  300 %R.O
    Excitation  5 V Input impedance  395±30Ω
    Output impedance  350±3Ω Insulation resistance  >5000 MΩ
    Construction   Anodized aluminiumalloy Environmental protection  >IP55
    Cable type  2x2x0,22 mm Cable length   3 m
    Weight  0,9 kg Excitation   + Green        - Black
    Reccommended bearing No.    2203 Signal   + White           - Red