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    Parallel Beam Load Cell

    Understanding the indispensability of ultra-advanced technologies in the ever-evolving market, Rudrra Sensor manufactures, supplies and exports the most productive Parallel Beam Load Cell (RSL 638). Developed with the use of universally-accepted raw materials, it is recognized widely for being most advanced based on performance.

    The superior beam load cell comes with a number of high quality features such as, single point off center technology that has been designed to enhance the load measuring capability. With premium aluminum alloy material, it looks dashing. It is colorless anodized. The impressive finish bestows it both durability and elegance.

    With a view to fulfilling every specific requirement, we manufacture wide assortment of products. The plethora of options provides clients complete freedom of choosing the best product without any hindrance. Moreover, we develop customized products as well in accordance with particular specifications provided by customers.

    Known as the pioneer of load cell technology, flawless quality has been the biggest identification of our products.

  • Applications

    • Bench, counting and postal scales
    • Check weighing machineries ( suggested platform size 400x400)
  • Diagram

    Parallel Beam Load Cell - diagram


    Parallel Beam Load Cell - dimensions

  • Features

    • Colorless anodized
    • Single point off center technology
    • Premium aluminum alloy
    • Impressive finish
    • Single point off center load measuring technology
  • Dimenstions

    Related Load (kg.) 100, 200, 300
    Precision C2 / C3 Insulation Resistance(MΩ) ≥ 5000(100VDC)
    Composition Error0.03 / 0.02 Excitation Voltage (V)9~12 (DC)
    Rated Output (mv/v)2 ± 5 Compensated temp. Range (°C)-10~+40
    Non-Linearity (%FS)0.03 / 0.017 Use Temp. Range (°C) -35~+65
    Hysteresis (%FS)0.03 / 0.02 Temp. Effect on Zero (%FS/10°C)0.03 / 0.017
    Repeatability (%FS)0.01 Temp. Effect on Span (%FS/10°C)0.02 / 0.014
    Creep (%FS/30min)0.02 Safe Overload (%FS)120
    Zero Balance (%FS)± 1 Ultimate Overload (%FS)150
    Input Resistance (Ω)405 ± 5 Defend GradeIP65
    Output Resistance (Ω)350 ± 5 Cable4mm, 3mtr