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    Crane Scale Load Cell

    Rudrra Sensor is the notable manufacturer of Low Profile Compression Load Cell. Knowing how significant calibration is for any industrial application machine, it has been developed to stand up to the mark with elegance.

    The standard load cell has the unmatched skill in providing the accurate measurement in various applications. The admirable capability to perform under extreme circumstances makes it more advanced and functional than others.

    Premium stainless steel has been used to make sure it has the robust construction. The quality materials are corrosion as well as abrasion resistant.

    It is strong enough to safeguard against any overload or short circuit. The excellence to not just survive any rigorous test, but also be able to perform with unmatched expertise sets it way apart from the rest.

    The well-known exporter and supplier of load cell puts utmost emphasis on the quality, productivity and innovative functionality of the product.

  • Diagram

    Pancake Load Cell - Diagram


    Low Profile Compression Load Cell

    Capacity A B C D H K J
    100.,150.,200T 150 70 140 124 80 16 30

    *300T/500T/100T Dimension Available on Request.

  • Features

    • Significant calibration
    • Admirable capability
    • Safeguard against any overload or short circuit
    • Accurate measurement
    • Quality materials are corrosion as well as abrasion resistant
  • Dimenstions

    Parameter C3 Unit
    Rated load (Emax): 50, 100, 200, 300, 500 t
    Maximal numbers of load cell verification
    Intervals (NIc):
    3000 d
    Minimum load cell Verification intervals
    Intervals (Vmin):
    0.01 % of rated load
    Rated output (Cn): 2.0 ± 0.1% mV/V
    *Combined error: 0.015 ± % of rated output
    Temperature effect on sensitivity (Tkc): 0.0012 ± % of rated output°C
    Temperature effect on zero balance (Tk0): 0.0008 ± % of rated output°C
    Zero balance: 1.0 ± % of rated output
    Input resistance(Rlc): 775 ± 5 Ω (Ohms)
    Output resistance (Ro): 702 ± 2 Ω (Ohms)
    Insulation resistance: ≥ 5000 M Ω (Mega-Ohms)
    Safe overload: 150 ± % of rated capability
    Ultimate overload: 300 ± % of rated capability
    Operating temperature range: -20  ̴+70/-20  ̴+160 °C / °F
    Recommend excitation: 8~24 V(DC or AC)
    Maximum excitation: 48 V(DC or AC)
    Material of elastomer: Alloy steel / Stainless steel  
    Protection class: IP67/IP68