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    L-Type Load Cell

    Rudrra Sensor is proficient manufacturer, supplier, of L-Type load cell. A superlative low cost weighing solution, yet exceptionally precise with good long features. This is one of the most cost effective.

    This is fabricated with alloy steel ideal for material testing, overhead and low profile weighing. with fully welded and sealed with IP67 & IP68 It is very easy to install and for tensile and compression application. It is highly applicable for hanging scale, vibratory feeding equipment, tension testing machine, tank weighing, hopper weighing etc.

    The firm persist its motion with its growing and energetic engineer staff for developing fruition and high-quality products requisite by industries. High technologies applied to the manufacturing process. We can satisfy the most exciting demand of different industries and weighing sectors. We have 12 years of experience in manufacturing of L-Type load cells and electronic devices to the weighing field.

  • Applications

    • Suitable for Hanging scale
    • Vibratory feeding equipment
    • Tension tension machine
    • tank weighing, hopper weighing etc.
  • Diagram

    L-Type Load Cell - Diagram


    L-Type Load Cell - Dimentions

  • Features

    • Alloy Steel Construction
    • Glue sealing and welding to IP67 & IP68
    • Easy to install and use for both tensile and compression application
  • Dimenstions

    Rated Load 1.5t Insulation Resistance >20000 MΩ
    Sensitivity 2± 0.005m V/V Operating Temp Range -30 ~+70°C
    Total error ±0.5% F.S Safe load limit150% F.S
    Creep (30 min)±0.05% F.S Over Load Limit 200% F.S
    Zero Balance ±1% F.S Recommendexcitation 5-12V DC
    TCO ±0.05% F.S./10°C Maximum15V DC
    TC SPAN±0.005% F.S./100C Protection ClassIP67
    Input Resistance 400 ± 10 ConstructionAlloy Steel
    Output Resistance 352 ± 2 CableLength:3m D: 6mm