• Heavy Duty Load Pin

    Rope Tension Load Cell

    Heavy Duty Load Pin displays tremendous expertise in various weighting checker applications. It has been especially developed to be used in the Tension Mode application only.

    It is specifically used where tension in wire rope is required to be monitored with utmost care. The ultra-advanced load cell is extensively used in hook and pulley arrangement of crane.

    To make sure it is perfectly at par with the every changing demand, the modern load cell is made on custom design. The capacities range from 20T to 500T.

    It comes in several all new models. That apart, everything from features to dimensions can be best customized on demand.

    Being the most revered manufacturer and exporter of standard load cell, Rudrra Sensor strives to provide the most user-friendly and innovative products. Employing the latest equipments, most experienced manpower; it ensures the products have everything that the ever-evolving demand can ever ask for.

  • Features

    • Developed to be used in Tension Mode application only
    • Displays tremendous expertise in various weighting checker applications
    • Ultra-advanced
    • Made on custom design
    • Capacities range from 20T to 500T